Jewelry Care & Materials

Jewelry Care

We want your jewelry to keep in tip-top shape for years to come!

Sterling Silver naturally oxidizes/tarnishes.

Here are our tips on caring for your Bella Jessie jewelry pieces:

  •  Always put your jewelry on last (after makeup, perfume, sunscreen etc.) before you leave home, and take it off first thing when you get home.

  •  Avoid contact with moisture--water, perfumes, lotions and chemicals.

  •  Remove jewelry before exercising, showering and swimming.

  •  Store your jewelry in ziplock bag or jewelry pouch.

  •  For everyday cleaning, gently rub with soft cotton or microfiber cloth. If deep cleaning is needed, use warm water and mild soap mixture. Dip cloth in mixture and gently clean jewelry. Then wipe with cloth dipped in clean water and pat dry. 


Jewelry Materials

Our jewelry is 100% Eco-friendly. Nickel, Chromium and Lead Free
Gold vermeil: (ver-may) A high quality type of gold-plated jewelry. Its base material is sterling silver and it has a super thick layer of gold plating for long-lasting color and shine. Bella Jessie's gold vermeil pieces use 14k gold and a thickness of 2.5 microns. That is 5x thicker than regular “gold-plated” jewelry and ~100x thicker than regular "flash-plated" jewelry, which means a Bella Jessie gold vermeil piece will outlast regular gold-plated and flash-plated jewelry by many years. 

Sterling silver: Sterling silver is a standard material in high quality jewelry. It is precious metal alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. This is a wonderful base material because it is long-lasting and flexible. Our silver-tone pieces are all plated in rhodium, a rare, precious metal that gives the piece extra shine, lustre and durability.